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Siena Touch and Go

For anyone who has only a little time available, but wants to know more about the two most significant places in the city of the Palio, this tour is the one for you. We will visit the Piazza del Campo, pausing to talk about the Palio. From there we will cross Piazza San Giovanni to reach the Cathedral of Siena Santa Maria Assunta. As you will see from when we first enter the cathedral, it clearly is one of the richest in all of Italy.
Duration of the tour 1h./1.h30

Palio Tour

For those who already know Siena or Simply would like to discover more about it deeper roots, this is definitely the perfect itinerary. We will visit a contrada museum and the official chapel dedicated to the patron saint of the contrada. We will take special care in admiring the hall of victories that celebrates the contrada’s past, but also get to see all the other treasures that are secretly guarded within. 
We will visit Piazza del Campo where every year the Palio is run and we will not miss out on passing in front of the two most important churches that are associated with the Palio: the church of Santa Maria in Provenzano and the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.
Duration max 3 hours

The Classical Siena Tour

This classical, yet unforgettable tour is the one that will introduce you to Siena for the first time. We will visit the Basilica of San Domenico where the relics of Saint Catherine of Siena, the patron said of Italy are held. We will then walk along the “Corso della Città” the main street though Siena, stopping at the most historically significant locations such the ancient headquarters of the bank Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, Piazza Toolomei, and finally Piazza del Campo where we will talk about the Palio. We finish our tour at the steps of the cathedral Santa Maria Assunta and if you would like to enter, I can show you its many beautiful masterpieces.
Duration max 3 hours

Saint Catherine of Siena

This is the itinerary that will lead us to discover the history of Saint Catherine of Siena, a woman with extraordinary character and faith. She is the patron saint of Italy, doctor of the church, and since 2000 the patron saint of Europe. 
We will visit the Basilica of San Domenico where the relics of her remains, including her head are kept, the Sanctuary of the House and the Superior Chapel known as the “Chapel of the Kitchen” of Saint Catherine, the crucifix held in the sanctuary, and her bedroom. At the end of our tour we will visit the magnificent Santa Maria della Scala hospital where she went every night to assist the sick. 
This itinerary will not only give you the opportunity to get to know more about Saint Catherine of Siena, but to discover more about some of Siena’s most beautiful moments in history.

San Gimignano

We will visit San Gimignano known as “the city of beautiful towers” because of its 14 remaining medieval towers that characterizes it. Entering from the gate of San Giovanni (Saint John) we will travel along the beautiful main street until we reach Piazza della Cisterna, the ancient market area, and the Piazza del Duomo. In additional to admiring the grande cathedral from Piazza del Duomo, we will also be able to see the beautiful building Palazzo Comunale which was where the local government was held. Finally if you enjoy heights, we can climb up to the top of the “Rock” where there are the most breathtaking views from every side.

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